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There are very few good UK pool games online and English Pub Pool is the best one around. It's not just one of the best UK pool games, it's also one the best flash pool games you'll find online! It has multiple game modes from tournaments against the computer to challenges and time attacks to test you pool skills. You can also play 2-shots after fouls, and the rules can be changed to your preference too - a complete UK pool game for free online!

English Pub Pool

English Pub Pool is a top down view pool sim where you can play 8-Ball and Straight Pool Tournaments, Challenges and Time Attacks. You can win over 50 trophies by winning tournaments, getting top scores, doing special shots and making big breaks.

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The game is customizable, you can change the 8-ball rules to your preference, e.g. choose between playing 2-shots or not, or playing 2-shots but not on the black. As you win tournaments, your Pub Rank improves - are you good enough to be #1?

English Pub Pool is probably the best UK Pool game you can play for free online.

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